Christmas and Landscape Trees For Sale in Central Minnesota

We are a local grower who sells and installs landscape trees, Christmas trees, shade trees, as well as evergreen trees from our convenient locations near both St. Cloud and the northern Twin Cities.

From seedlings to nursery, being a local grower means our trees are planted, grown, and harvested in house by our experienced team including two Arborists! Our nursery stocks up to 1,500 pre-dug landscape trees to supply retail and wholesale customers. We work with each customer to ensure that tree selection is compatible with soil type and growing environment. Deciduous Trees ranging from 1.5 inches to 4 inches in caliper.

Cut your own tree in Central Minnesota

12946 47th Street
Clear Lake, MN 55319
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Landscape trees available for delivery, install, or pickup

Maple Trees

  • Autumn Blaze
  • Sienne Glenn
  • Sugar
  • Rubrums

Other Deciduous Varieties

  • Linden
  • Oaks
  • Birch varieties ranging

Ornamental Trees

  • Flowering Crabs
  • Japanese Lilac
  • Little Leaf Linden
  • Amur Maple

Evergreen Trees range from 4′ to 13′ feet in height and include.

Spruce Trees

  • Black Hill Spruce
  • Colorado Blue
  • Norway Spruce
  • Serbian Spruce

Pine Trees

  • White Pine
  • Norway(red) Pine
  • Scotch Pine

Fir Trees

  • Balsam

Gravel Bed

The Gravel Bed is a temporary growth method for bare root tree stock, trees are temporarily held in an irrigated bed of gravel before planting. The benefit of the gravel bed is that it allows the trees to grow fibrous roots and can then be planted at any time during the season. The trees are light weight which make them more portable and easier to handle for a retail customer. Learn more about Bare Root Gravel Beds

About Us

B&J Evergreen has been in operation in Central Minnesota for over 40 years. We are a family and friend based business that takes pride in providing traditional experiences and quality products. B&J Evergreen can take care of all of your tree needs. At our “Choose & Cut” location you can cut your own tree or purchase a Pre-Cut tree. Each holiday season we also have retail lots throughout the Twin Cities metro area where you can pick up your pre-cut christmas tree. More details at