Bare Root Gravel Bed Information

What is a bare root gravel bed?

B&J Evergreen has integrated a bare root gravel bed system into our nursery. The system allows bare root trees to be placed into an irrigated bed of gravel. This system can create very extensive fibrous root systems within a relatively short amount of time.

These root systems greatly increase survival rates when it comes to planting. The bed gives nurserymen the ability to control water depth and availability, along with nutrient concentrations. This gives us the means to retain optimum conditions for root production.

When Our Fruit trees produced this Pear in the 1st season in the gravel bed it’s a tell sign the trees are Happy with the conditions!
An advantage of Bare Root Gravel Beds over pots is the gravel bed allows the root system to grow freely and in a natural manner instead of circling around the pot.

Any other bare root advantages over pot grown trees?

When it comes to removing the trees from the gravel bed, there is very little damage to the root system as the pea rock simply falls back into the bed. Once removed, the root system is simply moistened and placed in a plastic bag to retain moisture. Handling the trees for the consumer is simple. The absence of dirt makes the tree very light and relatively mess free. This allows the tree to be placed easily in any car with no mess and no large equipment.

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