Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do we take credit cards?
A: Yes we accept cash, check, or credit cards

Q: Which trees have the most evergreen smell?
A: Any tree will be noticeable once brought into the house but Firs (Balsam, Fraser, & Canaan) will have the strongest scent.

Q: Which tree will last the longest?
A: As a rule of thumb, Fraser Fir has the longest needle retention and are the cleanest tree. Also the longer needled trees will last a long time. For example, a White Pine will hardly lose any green needles. Both of these last longer than a Balsam, Canaan, or Spruce. All real trees need some TLC once inside.

Q: When were trees cut?
A: We cut a lot of trees in November but continue to cut and bring in Fresh trees throughout the season to meet demands. Ours are as fresh as our customers can find.

Q: Where do the trees come from?
A: We are the growers and we raise many of the trees in Clear Lake, MN. We also maintain fields in North Carolina where Frasers are Native to.

Q: What should I do with the tree until I am ready to put it up in my house?
A: Leave the tree in an unheated garage or outside in a shaded spot. Leaving it baled will keep it fresh longer!

Q: Why do I see dead needles on the inside of the tree?
A: That is the natural shedding of the interior needles. All conifers shed inside needles in the fall. The outside needles will not fall off.

Q: How do I keep it fresh once inside?

  1. Make a fresh cut on the trunk the same day that you put it up (1” is enough) (the fresher the better)
  2. Give it room temperature water and watch the water level. The first week it will drink more water, check multiple times a day, then
  3. NEVER let it run dry as the tree will “re-seal” itself & NOT drink water after that
  4. Keep it away from any heat source – TV, heat vent, fireplace, appliances, etc…
  5. If the tree is put in a high traffic area it will shed more
  6. Nothing has been proven to extend tree life – just give the tree lots of water.

Q: What is the benefit of the tree bag?
A: The bag eliminates any disposal mess. The bag should be put on the tree before it is brought into the house. Poke a hole in the bottom of the bag, put the trunk through the hole and then put the tree stand on. Once the tree is standing, drape the bag around the bottom of the tree like a skirt. Once the holiday is over, simply pull the bag up and over the tree and remove.

Q: What is the advantage of the baling?
A: This makes it easier to transport and get through doorways etc. Leave the netting on the tree until the tree is in the stand and in the standing position you want it, then simply cut the netting off.