Flowering Crabapple Trees

Flowering Crabapple Tree

  • Zone: 2-3
  • Height: 15-20 feet
  • Width: 15-20 feet
  • Growth rate: 1-2 feet/year
  • Bloom:white, red, purple, creme
  • Water: well drained, moist
  • Sun: Full sun
  • Tolerance: Moderate drought
  • Ornamental crabapple trees are a group of small flowering trees used in the landscape. It is known for its showy blooms in the spring and its rounded structure. The small fruits produced, attract many different varieties of birds and mammals. Many varieties hold fruits throughout the winter. It is a cold hardy tree that can offer a moderate windbreak while also giving a showy appearance. It can be planted as a specimen tree or in groups in the landscape.