“Amur Flame” Clump Maple

Amur Flame Clump Maple Tree

  • Zone: 2
  • Height: 15-20 feet
  • Width: 15-20 feet
  • Growth rate: 2-3 feet/year
  • Bloom: yellowish white
  • Water: Medium
  • Sun: Full sun to part shade
  • Fall Color: Red to burgundy
  • Tolerance: Drought, clay soil
  • The Amur flame maple is an upright and laterally growing, multi-stemmed shrub. It has reliable “blazing” red color in the fall and showy red (samaras) fruits in the summer. This variety is very winter hardy and adaptable. It can tolerate both wet and dry conditions, as well as heavy summer pruning to maintain its shape. This is a popular and versatile small clump tree that can be used in a variety of different applications in the landscape. It is most commonly grown as a specimen tree, but it can also be planted in groups or as privacy screens.